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This is a free service to the Sri Lankans who are worried.
If your relatives and loved ones are near conflict zones, you can check the map to find out if they are safe. If you see any incidents taking place near the cities your relatives are living, you can inform them to evacuate for safety. Real-time map updates can provide immediate relief from anxiety and worry by ensuring the safety of your relatives and loved ones living near conflict zones.
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Need to find Petrol, Diesel or gas..??

It's easier now..!
Our kind hearted friends will tell us whenever they see a gas station having stocks..

** All updates about fuel availability are done by the user community itself, and we hope no one will sue us for any inaccurate information.

I need to find..

Select what you need to find and the district and press Find.
** Kindly note that the results shown here are updated by the user community and there can be errors due to user mistakes.

Tell others..

If you are in a queue or notice that fuel or gas is available while passing by, kindly update it here. It will help others who maybe looking for fuel.
** Kindly note that your mistakes will mis-lead your own brothers and sisters, and we request you to pay extra attention. Thank you !
Don't forget to mark it as "No" when stocks finish

About us..

We are MegaNet Global, a Sri Lankan technology company. We are also known by the brand name Merpacc. Our mission is to make this country a better place by applying out-of-the-box thinking, improving social values and creating a collective push towards prosperity.

SmartQ was original launched to help people find fuel and gas during the economic crisis in 2022. We are happy that a large number of people from all over the country used this service and the SmartQ App. SmartQ app was rated by Google as #6 in their Top-charts in the Social category.


-- * --

Below is history and we hope we will not need it again!

Well, it's a tough time, but we need to find ways to survive the crisis.
SmartQ was created to help our people find where and when, fuel or gas is available, and more in the future.

How it works?
It's a social media tool and works with the help of the community to serve the community.

When you need to find out whether petrol or diesel is available at your town's gas station, simply open and enter what you need and your district, and you will get a list of gas stations with available stocks.

Also, if you see a gas-station having stocks, please go to the 'Tell others' section and make a quick update. While waiting in line for fuel you will have enough time to take your phone and make an update. :)

You can also try giving this link to the gas station supervisor - if he's in a good mood. It's gonna help them too by reducing the insanely long queues - and possible trouble.

To get more accurate information, more people need to keep updating the system, so please share this with all your friends and ask them to start updating. This will be very useful in a couple of weeks.

We are offering this service free of charge to make your (and our :-)) lives a little easier.

Also please tell us your suggestions in the below section.

Thank you !
smartQ Team



As you know, we do not collect your personal data to create income like in other social media platforms and we have no intention in doing so even in the future.

Being a 100% Sri Lankan technology company, our goal is to make this country a better place to live, by applying 'out-of-the-box' thinking, improving social values and creating a collective push towards properity.

If you think this service is useful, please make a donation just to meet the server costs. We really appreciate it.

Account Name: MegaNet Global
Account#: 102614013954
Bank: Sampath Bank
Branch: Panadura 26

Our other projects..

Here are some of our other efforts to support the local businesses..

A social service by Merpacc
No personal information will be shared or sold to any third party under no circumstances.